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Pocket Wheels Changelog

Public Demo 1.03


  • Added: Mac and Linux builds.
  • Added: The camera now leans towards interactibles if in reach.
  • Added: The button prompts from the robot guides are not in the text itself.
  • Added: Speedrun Timer can now be toggled in the options.
  • Improved: Updated GUI font.
  • Improved: Nitro now slowly refills if not used.
  • Improved: Keyboard controls are updated and should be better now.
  • Improved: The shadows are overhauled and should look better while also having better performance.
  • Improved: The drift is a bit delayed so the boost roll shouldn’t be performed in quick turns.
  • Improved: The golf ball is a bit mor bouncy so it shouldn’t stuck on the walls so easily.
  • Improved: The vehicle switcher in the garage now controls better.
  • Fixed: The ground is now one object and the gaps aren’t visible anymore.
  • Fixed: Optimized some objects that could lead to bad performance.
  • Fixed: The car now doesn’t slowly move while in photo mode.
  • Fixed: The acceleration is now the same from low to high fps.
  • Fixed: The collision on the door is improved.

Public Demo 1.02


  • Fixed: The speedrun timer now works with longer times.
  • Fixed: The black screen error when you die while the race restarts now doesn’t happen anymore.
  • Improved: The boost value that was added to the normal acceleration now resets on respawn.

Public Demo 1.01


  • Added: Speedrun timer, press F1 to show it.
  • Improved: Boost now also respawns when the race is restarted.
  • Fixed: The race could get into a black screen state, this shouldn’t happen anymore.
  • Fixed: Optimized collider so you can’t get under the roof in rooftop rumble.
  • Fixed: Enemies now keep working after restarting.
  • Fixed: The grappling hook on keyboard now works with left and right ctrl.
  • Fixed: The result screen could show 0 collectibles.
  • Fixed: The battery in the jar could spawn too high.
  • Fixed: The race timer kept showing after exiting the level.

Public Demo 1.0


  • Initial release